Business Transformation

Business Transformation

Service Birmingham has supported Birmingham City Council to undertake the largest transformation of its kind by a council in Great Britain, which will bring about cashable savings of over £1 billion by 2016.

With Service Birmingham's support, the council is taking a radical look at the way it operates, and finding ways of doing them better and more efficiently.

Our primary role has been to deliver new capabilities that have enabled the council to embed new ways of working and deliver the associated benefits.  Together with our range of partners, we have also supplemented the council's resources and skills that were required to deliver a programme of this scale and complexity.

To ensure the successful delivery of the programme, Service Birmingham supported Birmingham City Council in the development of CHAMPS2 , a vision led, benefits driven business change method that manages radical, comprehensive change across processes, organisation structure and technology.

As well as helping to define the vision of the programmes and develop business cases, Service Birmingham ensured that the ICT infrastructure was upgraded to support new applications that would be delivered through the transformation programme.

New capabilities that Service Birmingham has delivered include:

  • A wide range of new ICT applications including a suite of SAP components covering finance, procurement, HR and customer relationship management.
  • Revised processes and procedures
  • Revised organisation and job design
  • Identifying information needs and performance measures to support the new ways of working.

A key objective was to transfer our private sector skills to council employees to allow them to lead change programmes in the future. This has been successful and a number of the programmes are now led by council employees. 

Glyn Evans, Birmingham City Council's Corporate Director of Business Change said:

"Business Transformation is all about changing the way we do things so that services better meet the needs of the people who use them, are more efficient and provide greater job satisfaction for council employees. Business transformation is at the heart of the council's development plans, supporting its drive for excellence, and is probably the most comprehensive change programme of any Local Authority. Even after being involved for several years, I still find being part of it tremendously exciting."

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